Grit 3 Bolt Brake

Grit 3 Bolt Brake

Grit 3 Bolt Brake

The Grit 3 Bolt brake is designed for use with current Grit decks which utilize a 3 bolt pattern.

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20 €

Technical characteristics

Weight:0.38  kg
Size:100mm or 110mm Grit Scooter Wheels  mm
Для моделей:Grit, Crisp and Phoenix Scooters 

Coming in 2 sizes: 100mm and 110mm,  please make sure the size ordered will be sufficient for the wheels which you are currently riding. For any wheel size over 110mm modification of the brake will be required, however we do not recommend to do so as it may result in voiding warranty if the brake snaps.
If you are tired of riding your Grit deck without a brake then look no further. If you are unsure about compatibility feel free to call us for assurance.

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