ChillaFish Jack&Josie
ChillaFish Jack&Josie

ChillaFish Jack&Josie

Respectable run bike for grown kids.

It is made in two colour variations, perfectly suits as for a boy as well as for a girl.

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80 €

Technical characteristics

Max. weight load:50 kg 
Wheels:Inflatable wheels '11 inch  

Stylish design, bright colours and reliable materials are combined in a top-of-the-range Jack&Josie run bike by ChillaFish company. It is made in two colour variations and perfectly suits as for a boy as well as for a girl. Rubber handles, soft saddle and inflatable wheels provide comfortable travel on any terrain and in all-weather conditions. If you want to choose the best from the models of this brand, choose namely this run bike. 

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