Arbor Hybrid Complete Bug Foundation 18

Arbor Hybrid Complete Bug Foundation 18

A shortened longboard

will suit fanciers of mobile travelling as well as those who like to perform stunts with the help of a board.

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200 €

Technical characteristics

Weight:2.7  kg
Max. weight load:100  kg
Board size:91 x 21.5 (36)  cm
Bearings:ABEC 5 Bearings w/ Spacers 
Wheels:Arbor Mosh 78a Wheels 65  mm
Trucks:Paris Reverse 50° 180mm Trucks 
Board:7 Ply Hardrock Maple + Black Walnut Wood Topsheet+ Recycled Glass Re-Grit 

Super durable and at the same time very flexible 7-layer board, made of hard maple, suits any riding style. With the help of this board you can perform stunt of any difficulty without any effort or you can just ride at your pleasure, weaving from side to side. This board is equipped with first class chrome ABEC-5 bearings, 78A bushing tubes, 65mm - 78A wheels and excellent Paris trucks. Oh, yes, we have almost forgotten, please pay attention to the price, it is very attractive.

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