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An excellent skateboard for beginners

who ride confidently and aim to learn a couple of stunts. Made of 7 layers of maple.

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65 €

Technical characteristics

Weight:2.2  kg
Max. weight load:100  kg
Board size:80 x 19.5 (31.5)  cm
Bearings:ABEC-7 Chrome  
Wheels:Cast SHR 99A / PU 54 x 32   mm
Trucks:129mm Raw finish Enuff Decade trucks  
Board:7 ply Russian Maple 
Materials:95A Bushings  

New mid-priced skateboard range by Enuff for beginners. Excellent quality of each component of this board contributes to its superb riding characteristics. This board is made of high-quality Russian maple that is more wear-proof, flexible and durable if compared to Chinese maple. If you want to buy a good entry-level skateboard to check your skills, that's the model for you.

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