MindLess Tribal Rogue IV
MindLess Tribal Rogue IV

MindLess Tribal Rogue IV

Classic longboard-cruiser for beginners,

combining simplicity and reliability.

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100 €

Technical characteristics

Weight:3.2  kg
Max. weight load:100  kg
Board size: 97 x 25 (38)   cm
Bearings:Abec 5 
Wheels:70 / 80A  mm
Trucks:6" skates style trucks / 83a bushings 
Board:8 ply Canadian Maple 

We are glad to present you a remarkable beginner level board for those, who haven’t determined about whether he or she likes this means of transport or not. So, Rogue board despite the low price leaves its quality competitors behind. This board, which is made of 100% 8-layer hard maple and has very attractive appearance, makes a strong impression even at sophisticated rider. If you want to have a nice ride and get to know what is longboard, this model is namely for you.

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