Crisp Ultima 4.5 2018
Crisp Ultima 4.5 2018

Crisp Ultima 4.5 2018

Reliable, high-quality and beautiful,

these are the first words, one want to say looking at this scooter. 

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210 €

Technical characteristics

Weight:3.35  kg
Max. weight load:110  kg
Materials:6061-T6 Aluminium fork, clamp and deck, Bar Chromoly 4130, New Alloy Bar, HIC system, Flex brake,  
Wheels:Super High Rebound wheels 120 x 28  mm
Bearings:ABEC 9 Chrome 
Handlebar height:58  cm
Handlebar width:56  cm
Deck length:51  cm
Deck width:11  cm

A new product from Crisp, stunt scooter of beginner level for children and teenagers. As all products of this brand it differs by excellent characteristics of a sportsman willing to win. This model is fully made of aluminium. Broad clamp, rubber wheels with aluminium disc and flex brake are not all advantages of this scooter. This scooter is one of the best options if assessed by quality-to-price ratio. We are sure that if you buy this scooter, you won’t regret and it will serve your child for many years.

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