Micro Flex Air 200mm

Micro Flex Air 200mm

An excellent scooter with inflatable wheels projected for uneven surfaces by a Swiss company Micro.
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230 €

Technical characteristics

Weight:4.6  kg
Max. weight load:100  kg
Materials:Aircraft quality aluminium, Foam handlebars, Low deck,  
Wheels:Inflatable wheels 200  mm
Handlebar height:65-95  cm
Handlebar width:38  cm
Deck length:36  cm
Deck width:14  cm

If you’re looking for a scooter, which you would comfortably ride even on uneven surfaces, then it’s Micro Flex what we strongly recommend you. The main differences from the competitors: excellent quality of the scooter, the deck is of Canadian maple multilayer plywood, which significantly reduces the vibrations when riding; excellent quality of tires that bear the pumping up to 5.6 atmospheres. If you’d like to buy the best scooter for non-perfect surfaces, then you just won’t find anything better than Micro Flex.

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