Shulz 200 Scooter

Shulz 200 Scooter

This is a reliable and traversable kick scooter that helps to get to any place of the city fast and easy!
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120 €

Technical characteristics

Weight:4.8  kg
Max. weight load:100  kg
Materials:Aircraft quality aluminium, Rubber handlebars, Low deck, Unique "Wedge" folding system, Wide wheels 
Wheels:Wide Polyurethane 82A/ 35 x 200  mm
Handlebar height:80-98  cm
Handlebar width:42  cm
Deck length:34  cm
Deck width:14  cm

It is equipped with solid polyurethane wheels of 200 mm in diameter. This is an optimum wheels diameter for a city kick scooter due to which it is easy to keep high speed and deal with obstacles. The handle-bar height can be adjusted as one sees fit by smoothly regulating it with a cam gear. 

Like all Shulz kick scooters, this model involves the unique folding WEDGE technology that allows folding a scooter in a snap. This kick scooter is easy and convenient to carry: high-quality releasable handlebars are firmly fixed in a folded position without dangling and hampering the process of transportation.   

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