YoYoFactory ONE STAR
YoYoFactory ONE STAR
YoYoFactory ONE STAR

YoYoFactory ONE STAR

When YoYoFactory decided to combine the absolute best performing plastic yo-yo, the Protostar, with one of their low priced beginner yo-yos, the ONE, there was potential for disaster.
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12 €

Technical characteristics

Weight:0.064  kg
Size:43 x 55  cm
Bearing size:
Response system:Pad Thin 
Style:1A / 3A / 5A 

Instead, the ONEstar was born. The ONEstar is undoubtedly the highest performing modern performance yo-yo under $20.00. YoYoFactory combined the hugely popular shape of the Protostar, the nearly indestructible material of the ONE, and the same response pads and bearings that come in our most premium metal yo-yos. If you are ready to take your skills to the next level without breaking the bank, the ONEstar will not disappoint!

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