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  • Go!Mate stæp ER2
  • Go!Mate stæp ER2
  • Go!Mate stæp ER2
  • Go!Mate stæp ER2
Go!Mate stæp ER2 Go!Mate stæp ER2 Go!Mate stæp ER2 Go!Mate stæp ER2

Go!Mate stæp ER2

Electric scooter Go! Mate stæp ER2 PLUS


Go! Mate stands for modern transport,
the approach to overcome distances
as easily and comfortably as possible.
Folding size - 100cmx55cmx30cm

Not available


Technical characteristics

Weight 13.2 kg
Max. weight load 120 kg
Age 14+
Battery 36V 7.5Ah, lockable, removable
Motor 36V 250W rim motor, thumb throttle control
Max. distance 35 km
Max. speed 20 km/h
Brakes TEKTRO hydraulic 140mm discs
Materials aluminum frame, multilayer glued wood running board, display with 5 speed steps, km counter, battery status, V-fork
Wheels 16 “spoked front wheel and 12 “rim wheel mm

It became possible to take all advantages of the "steap TR" series to another level by adding an electric power system to the scooter. This makes the commute in the city even more convenient and easy. The incredible feeling of street surfing remains due to the superb design features of "steap".  The ER series are light, fully off-road capable and has a suspension system which is unheard of in a scooter. And last, but not least, the once and double foaldable feature of the scooter allows you to carry it where ever you like. It was our goal to find a smart solution to master the daily commute to work and quick trips to short-range destinations, all without getting too complicated.  Due to its amazing design this series was given the reddot design award "Best of the best 2018"