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Payment and delivery

Payment methods

Client can pay for any of ordered products with using a credit card: "VISA", "MasterCard", "American Express" or using "PayPal" payment system.

How to pay?

Payment for products is fulfilled as per the standard scheme during the purchase processing. If payment is done using a credit card, then after entering of the corresponding card data, the amount to be paid for the products is deducted from your bank account. If payment is done through "PayPal", then during the order processing our system will redirect you to "PayPal" webpage, where the payment itself will be fulfilled after entering of the corresponding information for connection to your account.

What happens after payment?

As soon as operator receives your payment confirmation, our experts start to process your order. Your product is dispatched on the same day you have made the payment. After your order is sent, you receive a shipping report with unique number of your parcel, which you can use to track your order en route.

Countries to which we deliver

Currently our company delivers products to all European countries, and also to the Russian Federation, Republic of Belarus and Ukraine.

Quality control

Before goods are shipped to the client, all products are tested for manufacturing defects and its photos are made by the operator. This approach minimizes the chance for the client to receive a product with defects.

Safe shipment

Any products, ordered by you, are packed into a special box made of damage-proof card box, and depending on the product type the package is filled with special transportation material.

Price and time of product delivery

Any ordered product is delivered 100% free to the address stated by order placement. Standard parcel delivery period after order placement is 1-5 working days depending on the country where recipient resides.

Receipt of the product

We cooperate with a delivery company that ensures the express delivery of your order directly to your home at the address stated by order placement.

Should you have any problems or questions regarding the product shipment, feel free to contact our operators, using the following contact form.