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Warranty and return 

Standard product warranty

Our company provides production warranty on all products we sell. The warranty period depends on the manufacturing company and criteria it has established. Minimal warranty term comprises 3 months from the product receipt by the client. You can find out the warranty terms of a certain product from the product description by order placement.

Our shop warranty

Before goods are shipped to the client, all products are tested for manufacturing defects and its photos are made by the operator. This approach minimizes the chance for the client to receive a product with defects. If the client reveals manufacturing defects upon receipt of the product or during the warranty period, ScooterMan shop guarantees full replacement of the defected product or full/partial refund after the detailed examination of the defected product.

What is the procedure of product return?

Having revealed manufacturing defects during the warranty period the client should firstly contact our experts and describe in detail under what circumstances this problem was identified. It will be also necessary to send photos of the defected product or its specific part. If during the communication our experts acknowledge that in your case the warranty is effective, you should send the product to our service centre. Later, if our experts confirm the manufacturing defects by more detailed examination of the product, a new absolutely identical product will be sent to the client or money refund will be effected.

Warranty does not apply to

service parts of the product that are subject to wear. For example, to wheels, bearings, trucks, lamps, handles, chains, sprockets etc. These parts can be replaced under the warranty in case if they contained initial manufacturing defects.

Warranty refusal

Our company has the right to refuse in warranty repair if the following was stated:

  1. Equipment was misused and was broken or damaged due to such misuse.
  2. Client fails to submit the documents confirming the purchase of the product that he/she wants to replace under the warranty.
  3. Buyer tried to correct the defect of the equipment on his own or at unauthorized service centre.
  4. Maintenance instructions such as weight restrictions, age restrictions etc. were violated during the usage of the equipment.

Money refund

Money refund or product replacement take place only after the client sends back the defected product. If our specialists confirm manufacturing defects, the client receives the whole price of the product or a new identical product.