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Price Brand
  • Shulz E200 Long Scooter



    Shulz E200 Long Scooter

    A perfect electric scooter for all ages.

    Special features: light, compact and creative.

  • Shulz E200 Air



    Shulz E200 Air

    Looking for a budget-friendly but a good electric scooter?

     Pay attention to this model.

  • Razor Dirt Quad



    Razor Dirt Quad

    Its authentic moto-styling, larger frame and high-torque motor make this the perfect step up in size and adventure for riders

    This item features a massive 500W motor with high-torque internal/integral gear set and self-adjusting chain for sheer four-wheel power. It is constructed with a durable, powder-coated steel frame with front brush bar for all weather durability and rear carry handle for convenience.

  • Micro Condor X3



    Micro Condor X3

    The convenient and persistent cruiser Micro Condor X3

    The Micro Condor is our solution for people who have had enough of making the daily commute on a packed train and instead would rather cruise to work in the open air.

  • Egret V3 Eight

    Not available



    Egret V3 Eight

    Egret V3 Eight scooter

    The height of the handlebar can be adjusted according to the driver’s height. The driver can select between five different speed levels and control the velocity using the index finger throttle. The deck is covered with grip tape providing a firm and skid-proof stand.

  • Go!Mate stæp ER2

    Not available



    Go!Mate stæp ER2

    Electric scooter Go! Mate stæp ER2 PLUS

    Go! Mate stands for modern transport,
    the approach to overcome distances
    as easily and comfortably as possible.
    Folding size - 100cmx55cmx30cm

  • Egret V3 Ten



    Egret V3 Ten

    Egret V3 ten scooter : The redefinition of comfort.

    The Egret V3 Ten combines the usual compact design of a foldable electric scooter with a particularly comfortable ride. The design comes from the Netherlands. As a German manufacturer, they have used their know-how to optimize the product in order to meet their high quality standards.